In this world where criticism is rife, I thought I would just do the opposite by sending you a note of thanks for the hard work and diligence shown by Nicki in your office and Dave out on site in keeping our boilers burning. We have had a few issues over the recent weeks when there have been call outs, and another more serious one over the weekend, which was rectified with lightning speed this morning.

Stephen Roberts, Head of Property Services, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority

I am 90years old and was dreading the noise and mess that I had experienced with another company when they fixed my kitchen. I wanted to say a big thanks to the three workmen, Barry, John and Keith from Astons who came to fit a boiler and radiators in my home. There was a slight noise and not a bit of mess, it was all cleared up. A gold star and a pat on the back to all the men. The foreman was good too, he also helped put my mind at rest, it’s not nice to get old. Thanks once again to all of them

Mrs Hennah, Private resident

Being a Landlord can be a stressful experience, especially when something goes wrong. This happened to me when my boiler broke down recently. Luckily Aston Group came across my path via a referral. Their service was professional, quick and they constantly kept me up to date with the progress. I can thoroughly recommend them.

Christian Dejager, Private Landlord

We cannot recommend Aston Group highly enough! They have regularly serviced our warm air heating for many years, but their care of our daughter raised them even higher in our estimation. A heating engineer from another firm diagnosed her broken heating as definitely needing a new pump, and probably a new boiler. But when Aston visited (travelling a significant distance to her house in Bermondsey) it took the engineer no time at all to pinpoint the minor problem and get the heating up and running. And all for the cost of a call-out charge! It’s Aston every time for us.

Anne Sentance, Private resident

Ascham Homes have worked with Aston Group for a number of years and they deliver all aspects of our mechanical and electrical programme to a very high standard.  Including maintenance, replacement and repairs of central heating, commercial and district heating, electrical installations, lifts, water hygiene and fire alarms amongst others. They have helped us achieve a month on month 100% servicing of our domestic gas maintenance programme for the last 3 years without going over on one property which is an impressive achievement. They understand the challenging needs of a client and put service delivery at the top of their objectives. They achieve very high levels of customer satisfaction and we know that we can rely on Aston Group to deliver should we have an emergency any time of the day or night.

Claudio Rizzi, Ascham Homes, Head of Mechanical and Electrical Services

We have a lot of time for Aston Heating and are looking forward to working with the Aston Group. Over the years of working together it is clear we share a lot of the same values. Keep up the excellent work you and your team provide.

Jeremy Carson, Friday Hill TMO