Renewable Energy

Aston Group offer an accredited design and installation service for:

  • Solar Thermal
  • Solar PV
  • Biomass Boilers
  • Combined Heat and Power

Generating your own energy

We offer an accredited design and installation service for solar thermal hot water generation and solar photovoltaic

The advantages of solar thermal heating

Not only will our systems reduce your energy bills they will also reduce your impact on the environment by reducing your CO2. So you can reduce your hot water bills, reduce your carbon footprint and add value to your property.

Solar energy is a free renewable energy that is non-polluting and as long as the sun is here so is the energy it gives out. In the UK we receive sufficient sunlight throughout the year to provide the majority of the energy required to provide hot water heat for washing, showers, baths for a typical family property. For solar thermal to work most efficiently, the roof needs to be predominantly south-facing and at an angle of 30-40 degrees, without the risk of shading from, for example, nearby trees and buildings.

What to expect from the Aston Group

Aston Group is a member of the REAL Consumer Code. We are MCS certified by the Government’s product and installer certification scheme.

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Our Company representatives will deal with you in a courteous, constructive and prompt manner, and they will show you evidence of their identification before they enter your home, including their name and their job title.