Brightening up an area for our NHS Ambulance Crew

Aston Group, Osborne, Travis Perkins and Waltham Forest teamed up with NHS Ambulance Crew in Waltham Forest to transform a grey corner plot into a vibrant green space for staff to go and wind down after a hard shift.

The site is a base for around 150 ambulance staff providing essential care for surrounding boroughs, it was important for them to have somewhere they can sit and rest before the next call out.

The team from Astons helped the off duty Ambulance crew, who gave up their days off to help build several raised beds made from new and up-cycled materials, creating a herb bed and raised flower beds. Councillor Louise Mitchell from Waltham Forest dropped by to see the project who also provided some funds for plants.

The project was a complete success, everyone got properly involved and crew were appreciative of the support. The Paramedics were able to enjoy a pre shift coffee in the refurbished area in autumnal sunshine. They have even personalised it by painting a mural of the resident cat, Defib, on the side of the shed!

“All the staff I have seen have all said how great the place looks now. They have been saying that the plants have made such a big difference to the area compared to what it looked like before. Staff from other nearby stations said they would now consider taking their break at Walthamstow.”