Paving the way for Whitefield Academy

Aston Group took part in the development of a new path for Whitefield Academy students to create better accessibility to their school allotments. It was a great team effort between Aston Group, Osborne Property Services and hire-company Speedy Services who between them donated machinery, materials and the man-power to build the path to the school allotments over the summer.

The allotments are built on quite a steep slope and the last part of the access involved a rough track that cut across the slope, making access difficult. The Whitefield Schools allotment has already proved its worth in terms of both fun and education, now more of their students will be able to benefit from using it.

Principal Laura Pease said “We are very grateful for the difference it will make to the lives of our children and young people. The new path makes it possible for wheelchair users to reach the allotment and makes it easier for everyone else too. If Whitefield Academy were to pay for it, our little path would have cost us £4,200.”

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